Changing the Prestashop Installation path.

Price: £69.00

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Sometimes your store maintenance requires changing the PrestaShop installation directory. Moving PrestaShop home path is a difficult process and needs to be done by professionals, otherwise your shop might not work correctly.

For example, there might be a need to change the address: to: or

We offer a complex service of changing PrestaShop location after installation:

  • We do a full data backup before we take any action
  • We move all the products, pictures, files, databases, user data, accounts, order history etc. from one folder to another
  • In new location we adjust all the settings for the PrestaShop to work correctly
  • We perform the data moving operation during low traffic hours (ie. at night, weekend)
  • Doing this by inexperienced user may cause data loss and in some cases, difficult to fix problems

The price of the service is different for each shop. It depends on

  • Shop complexity;
  • Amount of products;
  • Installed modules, core modifications;
  • Amount of time needed for the operation;
  • and other factors

Please contact us for more details and price quotation. Before we start we will need to access your store back office and database to check the amount of work and name the price.

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