Hosting migration of live PrestaShop store.

Price: £99.00

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Nothing lasts forever. As your business grows you sometimes need to move on to another hosting provider, better server or change the hosting type.

For example if you change a basic shared server to new shared hosting or to VPS or want to change the shop address from to we are here to help you!

We offer a fully professional service which includes moving existing PrestaShop installation to another server

  • We perform full data backup
  • We do basic configuration on the new server and prepare a stable and efficient environment for PrestaShop
  • We move all the products, pictures, files, databases, user data, accounts, order history etc. from one hosting to another
  • Configure PrestaShop to work on new domain and IP address
  • We perform the data moving operation during low traffic hours (ie. at night, weekend)
  • Doing this by inexperienced user may cause data loss and in some cases, difficult to fix problems

Contact us for more information such as agreement on the scope of service, pricing quotation and best moment of operation. We approach each customer individually and set individual prices based on the complexity of service.

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