To secure your website with SSL encryption

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SSL Certificate or Secure Socket Layer is a way to increase your website security. This certificate is used to encrypt data exchanged between user and server (login, password, card number and all other data). Thanks to this encryption user data even if captured by somebody will be useless string of random signs.

SSL encryption is web standard required by many companies and recommended by all banks. The secure connection is highlighted by most browsers by displaying a little green lock icon near the address bar.

In many cases SSL Certificate needs to be installed on your server manually. This requires some technical knowledge. If you are not sure we are ready to help you.

We offer a service which includes:

  • Help in SSL Certificate purchase
  • Installation of SSL Certificate on your server
  • SSL configuration for your domain

We cooperate with several Certification Organisations. We help to choose the best one. Contact us for more information. The price shown is the minimum price. We set the quotation individually according to complexity of the service.

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