Extends the functionality for virtual product selling purpose and adds many new functions for Prestashop.

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Digital File Sales Manager is a Prestashop module which extend the limitations for selling virtual products. The module is designed for digital files sellers to fill the gap in a shop functionality and introduce several new features:

  • Large files download support;

  • Video sharing and streaming support;
  • Product combinations are now available for virtual products;

  • Ability to download different files as attributes of one shop product;

  • Support for download resume;
  • Possibility to share one file among various products (save disk space);

  • Virtual products can be selected by courier, e.g. customer may choose shipping as download only file or CD shipment method.

  • Limit number of download for customers (save server resources)

  • Limit time where file is available for the customer

  • Manage limits of time and number of downloads

  • Upload your product via FTP or browser

  • See files deposit date and file size on manager

  • Update file name and file hash name

  • Manage orders from the module: use bulk actions to reset and resend email with download links

  • IP and time of downloads tracking

Examples of implementation:

  • Adding a PDF instruction manual to various shop products;

  • Creating one shop product with various attributes (file extensions, image resolutions) instead of creating separate products for different attributes

  • Creating products with limited time or number of downloads

  • Updating digital files and sending updated download link to all customers who bought the product

  • Share or stream video (films, movies or animation) on Prestashop - by integrating video links with a player.

Full list of features:

To simplify the management, module is divided into 4 tabs.

New Files tab:

  • section allows you to upload the files through the browser and detect the larger files uploaded through FTP

  • change display file names

Files tab:

  • list of all the files and allows you to manage them in several ways.

  • activate, deactivate, rename and delete the files.

  • apply various search filters to display only the desired files

  • sort files by name, ID, time, date of expiration, size, etc.

  • use bulk actions to handle multiple files at once

  • edit added files:

    • change display file names, unique hash

    • set the file expiration date

    • set the number of days accessible and number of downloads

    • select product (one or more products)

    • select attribute (one or more attributes)

    • update file size

    • activate and deactivate files

Orders tab:

  • list of all the orders and sort by ID, order status, payment status or client email

  • use combination of display filters to show specific orders

  • each order is highlighted with different color according to order status

  • see status of orders:

    • Green: Order active, file downloaded by customer

    • Light green: Order active, file not yet downloaded

    • Red: Order expired, file not downloaded by customer

    • Gray: Order expired, file downloaded

  • use bulk actions to handle many orders at once

  • edit order details:

    • check the file name and counters of downloads and expiration date

    • view the customer data and the order status history

    • modify the order status

    • send yourself email with download link

    • reset the counters and send email to the customer

    • resend customer an email with current order status

    • reset the link expiration time and download counter

    • expire the download link

Products tab:

  • list all the products available in the shop, their attributes and the files assigned to these products

  • adjust the filters to sort and display products by ID, Product name, Attribute or Assigned files.

Documentation tab:

  • see the full specification of the Digital File Sales Manager Module

  • read the step by step user guide

  • check the full specification

Before installing a new module it is highly recommended to perform full files and database backup operation. Digital Files Sales Manager Module works with Prestashop v.1.6.x.


Prestashop v.1.6.x, tested on
We have also version for 1.4.x.
Do you need other version? Please contact us.

Demo page:

Front End Demo Page

Back End Demo Page

Login: [email protected]
Password: demo1234


- min. PHP 5.4

- Prestashop 1.6.x

- ionCube loader module

You can download latest version of the loader for your server (feel free to use their installation wizard for smoother installation): http://www.ioncube.com/loaders.php

You will have to ask your server admin to install it on your server for you.

Important note: Always use binary mode when uploading files to your server using FTP.

If you need other encoder or compatibility with different Prestashop or PHP version, or if you have any other questions please contact us.

Be sure to download the correct version of Digital File Sales Manager module for the version of PHP and Loader on your website.


Free updates are provided to only for minor versions, e.g 1.6.7.x

1.6 - compatibility with branch Prestashop 1.6

7 - major version of the module

x - minor version

Current version is Digital File Sales Manager v1.6.7.0


One licence for a single domain/shop.